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Sandhills Center announces rate increase for Specialized Consultative Services

Sandhills Center announces rate increase for Specialized Consultative Services

Publication Date: September 29, 2016

Sandhills Center announced that it is increasing the reimbursement rates for Specialized Consultative Services (T2025) and Crisis Behavioral Consultation (T2025 U3). For dates of services on and following Oct. 1, 2016, both codes will be reimbursed at $31,25 per 15-minute unit.

Specialized Consultative Services provide expertise, trainign and technical assistance in a specialty area to assist family members, support staff and other natural supports with the individual's long-term intervention needs. This service often is a critical component in teh development of an individualized behavior plan, and is instrumental in addressing behavior needs and avoiding crisis escalation.

Crisis Behavioral Consultation provides support when an individual's behaviors have resulted in a crisis situation. This service assists in developing or refining techniques to address the issues that can trigger the behaviors. Clinicians offering this service provide trainign and assistance to families and/or staff on crisis intervention strategies.

Sandhills Center is committed to investing resources into services to meet the needs of the local community. As additional rate adjustments are made possible, announcements will be made to the provider network.