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Sandhills Center announces changes to outpatient, crisis services in June 2021

Sandhills Center announces changes to outpatient, crisis services in June 2021

Publication Date: May 27, 2021

Beginning June 1, 2021, Guilford County-funded behavioral health outpatient services that have been provided at 201 N. Eugene St., Greensboro, will move to the new Guilford County Behavioral Health Center at 931 Third St., Greensboro. Cone Health will offer outpatient services at the new facility through a partnership with Guilford County Government. Crisis services currently available through Monarch at the Eugene Street location will begin to transition to a new Behavioral Health Urgent Care (BHUC) center at the Third Street location on June 14, 2021. Crisis services will operate simultaneously at the current Monarch and new BHUC location through the end of June.

For many years, Sandhills Center members have been receiving outpatient, pharmacy and crisis services at the Eugene Street site. Outpatient and pharmacy services at that location will transition to the new location on June 1, 2021. Notifications were sent to members who receive services through Guilford County funding there. Cone Health sent welcome letters to invite members to continue services through them at the new Behavioral Health Center. Monarch and Cone Health are working together to make a smooth service transition as the change in facilities occurs.

Medicaid-funded outpatient services provided by Monarch will continue at the 201 North Eugene Street location into June until those services transition to Signature Place at Friendly Center (near K & W Cafeteria), in Greensboro. Monarch’s continuation in the current location will provide support for people navigating several service location transitions.

The new Guilford County Behavioral Health Center will offer integrated behavioral and physical health services. It also will bring two new crisis services to the Guilford County community. It will include a BHUC, providing an observation/de-escalation unit for children and adults. It also will have a 16-bed Facility-Based Crisis (FBC) center for adults.

BHUC services are for individuals, ages 6 and older, who are experiencing behavioral health crises related to substance use disorders, mental health conditions and/or intellectual/developmental disabilities. The BHUC center will offer triage, crisis risk assessment, evaluation and intervention for people whose needs are deemed urgent or who may be at moderate risk for symptom escalation without prompt intervention. The observation unit’s 23-hour chairs will provide supervision and assistance with crisis de-escalation, which can assist in the avoidance of unnecessary hospitalization or higher level of care, such as inpatient FBC services. BHUC services will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year.

The adult FBC will be for individuals ages 18 and older, and offer an alternative to hospitalization for those experiencing behavioral health crises. It will provide services 24 hours a day and seven days per week in a secure, non-medical facility. FBC services often include four to seven days of crisis stabilization, assessment and evaluation of mental health needs, medication management and engagement of families or others to support the individuals, as appropriate. Referrals and connections to community providers will be made so that individuals can continue behavioral health treatment beyond crisis services. Cone Health and Guilford County Government will announce an opening date for the adult FBC once the North Carolina Division of Health Service Regulation (NC DHSR) completes licensure review of the planned services.

Nearby, at 325 Third St., Greensboro, Sandhills Center is completing a 16-bed child/adolescent FBC center. Alexander Youth Network was selected to provide services there, and is working with NC DHSR to finish their licensure process. An opening date will be announced as soon as it is available.

The addition of FBC services for children, adolescents and adults in these two new facilities is expected to greatly enhance existing response service systems in Guilford County and throughout the Sandhills Center region by diverting individuals from hospitalizations and emergency departments, when appropriate.

“Sandhills Center appreciates the community collaboration that has factored heavily into the development and enhancement of these important services for our members and their families,” said Sandhills Center CEO Victoria Whitt. “We are grateful for the positive working relationship we have with Guilford County Government, Cone Health and Alexander Youth Network. This partnership has advanced our strategic plans to reinvest in behavioral health services throughout the Sandhills Center region. We also appreciate the cooperative efforts of Monarch and Cone Health to ensure a smooth transition for our members receiving outpatient services.”

Members’ choice of providers is an important element of the Medicaid program. Medicaid members have the ability to select the network provider they prefer. Those who have questions about services options are encouraged to call: