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Innovations Waiver Staff Retainer Payments

Innovations Waiver Staff Retainer Payments

Staff retainer payments may only be made for Innovations Waiver services as currently authorized. Provider agencies and Employers of Record (EORs) shall maintain documentation (as usual) via the required service Grid by entering COVID-19 on the Grid with qualified professional/EOR signature and date. This shall be effective beginning 3-13-2020, and will end when the member is again available for services following the COVID-19 emergency. Provider agencies and EORs will provide Sandhills Center with the necessary information every Monday for the previous week, using the form(s) provided, below:

NC Innovations Waiver Staff Retainer Payments due to COVID-19 

Retainer Payment Submission-Sandhills.xlsx -- to be submitted each Monday for the previous week. Once the form is submitted, providers will bill services for retainer payments using the CR & XU modifiers through the regular claims process.

COVID-19 Appendix K Flexibility Reporting.xlsx -- NC Innovations Waiver Providers requesting specific flexibilities on the 1915 (c) Waiver under Appendix K in response to COVID-19 will need to complete this form. When submitting the form, please do not remove anything from the file name, additional information can be added at the end of the file name.

From the Utilization Management Department: COVID-19 UM Guidance - Innovations

Sandhills Center Retainer Payment Fee Schedule

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