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How to Seek Help

How to Seek Help

Call 1-800-256-2452 any time, day or night, to speak with a licensed behavioral health clinician for information or to schedule an assessment appointment regarding mental health, intellectual/developmental disabilities or substance use disorders. Get emergency and non-emergency assistance, answers to your questions and/or an appointment with a provider in Sandhills Center's network.

When needed, interpreter services will be arranged through our Call Center or through your provider at no cost to you.

For people who have hearing impairments and/or speech disabilities, please call 1-866-518-6778, or TTY 711.

Si alguien está experimentando una crisis de salud conductual, comuníquese con nuestra Línea de crisis de salud conductual sin cargo al 1-833-600-2054. Si una persona parece estar en peligro inminente para sí misma, para usted o para otras personas, llame de inmediato al 911.