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Care Coordination

Care Coordination

What is Care Coordination?

Care Coordination is a part of Sandhills Center's managed care system. It is designed to ensure the best of care for people with serious treatment needs.

When consumers' needs put them in high-risk situations (such as relapse, hospitalization, homelessness, incarceration and/or transition between services), Care Coordinators take special care to link them with the specialty services they need.

Care Coordination is focused on helping individuals across the entire healthcare system. Care Coordinators manage consumers' care from assessment to various treatments and services.

By working with the individual and their providers, Care Coordinators improve results by effectively utilizing resources.

What Are Special Needs Populations?

Each disability area has a Special Needs Population that is considered to be at high-risk and is served through Care Coordination.

Intellectual Developmental Disabilities (I/DD):

Mental Health/Substance Abuse (MH/SA):

What do Care Coordinators Do?

Care Coordination includes the following:

What can you expect in the Innovations Plan of Care process?