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For Consumers and Families

For Consumers and Families

Sandhills Center is committed to helping individuals and families receive the care that they need. We will help you identify the most suitable provider to meet your needs.

There are two ways to find a provider of services:

Give Us a Call

Dial 1-800-256-2452 at any time to speak with the Sandhills Center staff. We provide answers to your questions and assist in connecting you with providers in your community.

For those who have difficulty hearing and/or have a speech disability, please call 1-866-518-6778, or TTY 711.

Medicaid rules require that interpreter services be provided at no cost. Providers who need assistance in arranging interpreter services for those who do not speak English should contact the Customer Service Department at 1-800-256-2452.

When needed, interpreter services will be arranged through our Call Center or through your provider at no cost to you.

Browse Our Directory

If you want to select the provider and make an appointment on your own, visit the Sandhills Center Provider Directory. You can search by Service Type, Funding Source, Location and Name.

If you feel you need a service and your provider does not agree, you may contact Sandhills Center Customer Service toll-free at 1-800-256-2452 to discuss the matter.

Rights Protections

Basic Human Rights

What are my rights? (As set forth in 42 C. F. R. 438.100).

It is the policy and practice of Sandhills Center to assure your basic human rights. You have the right to:

Your Civil Rights

Members are entitled to all civil rights including:

Client Rights regulations are in NCGS 122-C-51-67 and APSM 95-2 and APSM 30- 1 and NCASC 27G.0504, 10A NCAC 27G.0103 and NC Council Communication Bulletin #30. You have the right to request and obtain the following information at any time:

To request any of this information, contact Sandhills Center Customer Service section toll free at 1-800-256-2452.

What are my responsibilities?

You have the responsibility to:

Sandhills Center MCO/LME Responsibilities: Individuals who have serious and persistent mental illnesses, children with serious emotional disturbances, or individuals with limited financial resources will not be denied care.