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2019 Needs Assessment Survey underway

2019 Needs Assessment Survey underway

Publication Date: February 15, 2019

Sandhills Center recently launched the 2019 Community Needs Assessment surveys for individuals and families who receive services, as well as stakeholders within our region. The survey period runs through March 22.

As in past years, Sandhills Center is taking a multifaceted approach to conducting the surveys in order to make the questionnaires accessible, easy to complete, and available in both English and Spanish. The surveys are available in paper and electronic format.

* Update: The surveys ended March 22, and are no longer available. *

English- and Spanish-language paper surveys also may be obtained by contacting Sandhills Center's 24-hour Call Center at 1-800-256-2452.

Those who are encouraged to complete the surveys include consumers and their family members, service providers, healthcare practitioners, school officials, local government leaders, law enforcement personnel, mobile crisis teams, housing organizations, charitable groups and other stakeholders. Members of the Sandhills Center Consumer and Family Advisory Committee (CFAC) are serving as ambassadors to reach out to our communiteis to promote completion of the surveys. Sandhills Center recognizes teh importance of working with CFAC members to engage individuals and other stakeholders who are most impacted by potential service gaps, and those who will most benefit from improved service strategies.

Data analysis will begin later this month, immediately following the survey closing date. Sandhills Center leadership and staff will analyze the results and develop plans to address issues and implement strategies. Identified priority areas will be built into organizational business plans, quality improvement projects, requests for proposals and other planning processes that typically guide our efforts. The compiled survey results will be shared on our website,, and in future Sandhills Center publications. We appreciate the efforts of our CFAC, staff and stakeholders to promote and participate in the Community Needs Assessment Surveys. We look forward to utilizing their feedback to build on our foundation of a strong network of providers to meet the unique needs of each of our members. We also eagerly anticipate the positive impact the survey results will have on our communities. 

* Update: The surveys ended March 22, and are no longer available. *