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Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Intellectual and developmental disabilities are long-lasting, often permanent conditions resulting from mental or physical impairments. They usually affect language, mobility, the capacity to learn and the ability to live independently. Most intellectual and developmental disabilities can be detected as early as infancy. New advances in technology sometimes allows accurate detection while the child is still in the womb.

The Most Common Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Here are a few of the most common intellectual and developmental disabilities:

Physical Health Issues

There are certain physical health issues that are associated with intellectual and developmental disabilities. People with Down Syndrome, for example, have very poor heart function.

Mental Health Issues (Dual Diagnoses)

People with intellectual and developmental disabilities may also develop mental health issues as they grow older. The following conditions are the most common causes of the development of I/DD with mental health issues:

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