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Block Grant Training for Providers

Block Grant Webinars

Sandhills Center is committed to ensuring that our network providers have the necessary tools to provide quality care to our members.  In early September, Sandhills Center LME-MCO hosted two mandatory provider training and technical assistance webinars for all providers who received deficiencies during the Block Grant Review.  The training and technical assistance focused on the deficiencies outlined in the summary of Sandhills Center Plan of Correction.

The first webinar provided an overview of the Substance Abuse Block Grant requirements.  Specifically, the following items are addressed:

Women’s Set-Aside Funding:


Work First Record Requirements:

The second webinar provided an overview of the Substance Abuse Block Grant requirements, with an emphasis placed on NCTOPPS and Documentation Requirements as follows:

 NCTOPPS requirements and guidelines:


Documentation requirements:

Requirements of the Records Management and-Documentation Manual for Providers of Publicly-Funded MH/DD/SA Services CAP-MR/DD Services and Local Management Entities will be covered including–

Below are the links to the three PowerPoints presented during these Webinars and a list of Q&A’s.

If you have questions please contact the following Sandhills Center Staff:


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